Saturday, February 4, 2012

What is the best online FREE English to Spanish (Ecuadorian dialect if possible) translator?

We're planning a vacation to Ecuador next spring and would like to learn some needed "local" phrases. Also, what is the best book of word and phrase translators??||| Spanish-English Dictionary is excellent and is free. Lonely Planet publishes a pocket size book called Latin America Spanish Phrasebook that covers just about any situation you can think of and includes many country or regional differences, plus has a small two way dictionary. Very useful for before and during your trip.|||Google works great for me with Mexican and general Spanish. It has a nice feature that you can enter individual words or past entire pages into it. You can also use it to read webpages.

It is pretty good, although all the translators occasionally have problems with local words, idioms, and slang.

I've tried the translator with Microsoft's newest version of Explorer and found it to be pretty poor. (It may take a while to learn a wider vocabulary.)

And, you should be able to get around with general Spanish. Keep in mind that many people you will be talking to will be interested in your conversation... they want to do business with you.|||I second the vote for Lonely Planet's Latin American Spanish phrasebook. You don't want to get a phrasebook for Spain or Mexico, because there are a lot of differences between the way of speaking. The Lonely Planet one is a good one to bring with you while traveling since it is easy to reference.

You can also use Merriam Webster's online Spanish-English dictionary for words you can't find in other dictionaries. I've yet to find a word I can't find in it.|||Google Translator!

It can translate to a big variety of languages and if you are unsure of what language you are translating from, the translator can even automatically "detect" for you! Well, it worked great for me!

Here's the link. Hope it helps!|es||||I suggest you check out this one It should have all you need for your vacation stay as far as language goes plus their is a free dictionary, spelling, and definitions which you should also find helpful.|||Go to you'll find everything you need there.

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