Tuesday, February 7, 2012

English to spanish translator?

o.k. i want to find an online program or a down-loadable free program that allows me to type in a word or sentence in spanish or english and have translate as well as give me AUDIO translation that's the most important thing because once i here it then i wont forget how to say it. SO please give me a link to a spanish/english translator with AUDIO translations...........:(|||Both spanishdict.com and google work for translating with text. This however with help you a lot with hearing things.


You can type in whatever spanish you want to hear, and it will say it. Hope this helps!|||spanishdict.com is really good. You can hear the word.|||google.com %26gt; language tools(in fine print beside where you type in words) %26gt; type in what you need and choose languages.

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