Thursday, February 9, 2012

Professional English-spanish translator/ Hispanic person needed.?

Hey. I am in 8th grade and we have a group project to create a weather report in spanish.. i already have the script in english and i just want someone to translate it for me. It does not have to be literal. i know that some things may not translate exactly and that the spanish expressions are not the same as the english expressions just make it sound correct and right.


Danielle: Hey there this is Daniella . Today is April 1st.

Katie: it is almost spring break for many students.

Danielle: is this a sign of good weather? What do you think Eva?

Katie: The high temperature for today is 72 degrees Fahrenheit and the low is 49 degrees. It is a sunny day. Good weather. What do you think we should wear today Mona?

Mona: These pair of capris from Hollister are very good. They are dark blue with trendy rips and they are very cheap too. Only 10 dollars. This shirt from Abercrombie would not be a bad choice either. It is pink short-sleeve shirt for girls. It is very pretty.

Danielle: That is good. Yolanda, what movies do you recommend for a warm, sunny day?

Nancy: Well, today is April Fools’ day, and I think we should watch Alice in Wonderland.

Katie: Tomorrow is going to be very hot. The highest temperature is going to 71 degrees and the low is 50 degrees. It is going to be sunny. What do you recommend Mona?

Mona: Short shorts from Macy’s. They are white and very comfortable. Only 15 dollars. How nice. A short sleeve shirt or a tank top would be very great too. For boys, shorts and a shirt.

Nancy: Some movies to watch are clash of the titans, leaves of grass, and the Greatest since they are coming in theaters today.

Katie: Saturday is going to be a calm, cloudy day with a high temperature of 70 and low of 50.

Mona: Capris or short shorts and tank tops are good. Abercrombie and Hollister have a big clearance sale on shorts and short sleeve shirts right now. 75 percent sale!

Yolanda: Some good movies people can watch are... Avatar, Our family wedding and any new movies in the theaters.

Katie: Sunday has a high of 70 and a low of 52. Very nice. Partly Cloudy. You can wear similar clothes to what you wore yesterday.

Yolanda: I recommend “How to Train Your Dragons” to watch with your kids.

Katie: Monday has a high of 65 and low of 45. Partly Cloudy. You can wear similar clothes and watch similar movies as the past few days.

Danielle: Wow. April seems like its going to be a wonderful gorgeous month. Thank you Eva, Mona and Yolanda for this wonderful weather forecast and your helpful tips and comments. We better go now. Thanks everyone for watching. Goodnight. Enjoy your spring break.|||Check YOU out. Are you serious? Translate this!

No quiero traducir su novela, gracias como quiera!|||the translation above me is wronggg! he/she def used a translator online. Im a native spanish speaker ill translate it for you.

Danielle: Hola alli, soy Daniella . Hoy dia es el primero de Abril.

Katie: Ya casi llegan las vacaciones de primavera para muchos estudiantes

Danielle: Sera una buena señal de un buen clima? que piensas Eva?

Katie: La temperatura alta para hoy dia son 72 grados Fahrenheit y la temperatura baja son 49 grados. Es un dia soleado. Buen clima. Que cosa crees que deberiamos ponernos hoy dia Mona?

Mona: Este par de pantalones pescadores de Hollister se ven bien. Son azules oscuros y desilachados como esta de moda y tambien son muy baratos. Solo 10 dolares. Esta camisa de Abercrombie no se veria mal tampoco. Es rosada de manga corta para chicas. Es muy bonita.

Danielle: Suena bien. Yolanda, que pelicula recomiendas para un dia caliente y soleado?

Nancy: Bueno, hoy dia es el dia de los inocentes, y creo que deberiamos ver la pelicula Alicia en el mundo de las maravillas.

Katie: Mañana va hacer mucho calor. La temperatura mas alta va ser 71 grados y la mas baja va ser 50 grados. Va estar soleado. Que recomiendas Mona?

Mona: Shorts cortos (or you could say pantalones cortos) de Macy’s. Son blancos y muy comodos. Solo 15 dolares. Que barato verdad? Una camisa de manga corta o un bibidi seria genial tambien. Para los chicos, shorts y una camisa.

Nancy: Algunas peliculas para ver son clash of the titans, leaves of grass, y the Greatest porque todas estas peliculas salen en el cine hoy.

Katie: Sabado va ser un dia calmado y nublado con temperaturas altas de 70 y bajas de 50 grados.

Mona: Pantalones pescadores o pantalones cortos y bibidis tambien pueden ser. Abercrombie y Hollister tienen un gran descuento en pantalones cortos y camisetas de manga corta ahora! 75 porciento menos!

Yolanda: Algunas peliculas buenas que la gente puede ver son... Avatar, La Boda De Nuestra Familia y cualquier otra pelicula que acaba de salir en el cine.

Katie: Domingo tiene una temperatura alta de 70 y baja de 52 grados. Un dia muy bonito. Aunque un poco nublado. Pueden usar ropa muy similar a la que usaron ayer.

Yolanda: Recomiendo la pelicula “Como Entrenar a Tus Dragones” para que vean con sus hijos.

Katie: Lunes tendra una temperatura alta de 65 y baja de 45 parcialmente nublado. Pueden usar ropa similar y ver peliculas como las que han visto los ultimos dias.

Danielle: Wow. Parece que Abril va ser un maravilloso y hermoso mes. Gracias Eva, Mona and Yolanda por este maravilloso pronostico del tiempo y sus consejos y comentarios que me han ayudado. Nos tenemos que ir ahora. Gracias a todos por mirar. Tengan buenas noches y disfruten sus vacaciones de primavera.

It was alottt to translatee...but i understandd how hard it can be to learn a language.

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