Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can someone help me find an online Spanish dictionary NOT A TRANSLATOR? .. read for more details?

I need to be able to enter a Spanish word and get a definition of the word IN SPANISH. Can you help me?|||Try this: http://buscon.rae.es/draeI/

It's the link to the dictionary of the RAE (Real Academia Espa帽ola) online.

I doubt there's anything better or more accurate online.

Good luck.

C.|||Google has one. Not a translator: a dictionary in many languages.

It麓s not a one-language dictionary; they're 35 languages, and the definitions are mostly complete and correct.

Google Dictionary also explains you how to use the words in real life and expressions.


Good luck|||I assume you want an English Spanish - Spanish English dictionary.

You cannot do better that this, which covers French and Italian also, as well as an English dictionary.


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