Saturday, February 4, 2012

What's the best translator for Spanish ?

I want to talk to my friends from te Dominican republic but google translator sucks any one know a better one||| and are both good, but I'd still say google translate is better.

Its just that not every spanish word has a direct english translation, and if it does, it doesn't always make sense to us.

Its like saying "There's lots of fish in the sea!" to a speaker of another language. As an english speaker, we know what we mean, but to the other person, that phrase may mean nothing because they are only getting the literal concept.

Along the same lines, there's the "callejera"- the slang. Every country has their own, and you'll find that what may be a perfectly innocent word in one spanish-speaking country can be offensive in another spanish-speaking country, and it changes over time just as slang changes in every other country.

For example- "Pinche" to a puerto rican and it means a hair clip, or a hair pin, but say "pinche" to a mexican, and it's the equivalent of f*cking as in "We lost the f****** game" or something of that sort.

There's not really any way an automated translator can keep up and account for all these words.

Then, also, spelling is key.

"dime abe"- a dominican phrase which is used somewhat like "what's up?".

It would actually be "Dime a ver", and google translate would translate it as "tell me to see", which is not the intended meaning at all, but you wouldn't even get that translation if you spelled the word like it was pronounced, and many dominicans when writing the phrase would write "dime abe"- and not "dime a ver".

Americans do the same thing with text-lingo and whatnot.

What i'd advise you to do is familiarize yourself with words and phrases common to the dominican republic by either asking your friends to teach you some, or using google.鈥?/a> (this website can be used as a start, but some of the words may be outdated.)|||Yo puedo ayudar a aprender espa帽ol, si tu me ense帽as ingl茅s.

I can to help you to learn Spanish if you teach me English.

skype: thedarkofblack|||Bable fish

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