Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Need a Spanish translator please?

Will someone translate this for me:

Encantaria divertinos juntos y llenaros de alegia, como ves te qustaria.|||The correct way to say it would be ...

"Me encantar铆a divertirnos juntos y llenarnos de alegr铆a. 驴C贸mo ves? 驴Te gustar铆a?"

I'd be delighted to have fun together and be full of joy. What do you think? Would you like it?|||i'd love to have fun together and fill ourselves with joy, as you see you'd like|||This isn't proper Spanish anyway, I think whoever said this to you got it off Google translator or something. But it's saying:

Would you like to have fun together and fill ourselves with pleasure, what do you think would you like to?|||i would be enchanted (love like in english enchanted would be literal) to have fun together and fill with joy how do you see, would you like it (literal, in English would be would you like that) u also misspelled gustaria |||When I tried to translate this on igoogle.com this is what they gave me.

Some words they could not decipher and others they could not. Sorry i did not fully answer your question! Good Luck

Encantaria divertinos together and FILL of alegia, as you see qustaria.|||i would love to amuse ourselves together and fill with happiness. how would you like it? sounds about right.|||I like to enjoy together and get full of happiness, what do you think, do you like to?

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