Thursday, February 9, 2012

I need a spanish english translator to translate two phone calls for me to Mexico today, Is someone available?

I can pay you via paypal. I can three way the call and you could translate for me, and visa versa. The first call is for less then two minutes to leave a message for the woman to come to the phone at a certain time, the second call should be about 15 minutes. Please email me with your phone number, price and paypal account #. Thank you|||i CAN HELP YOU OUT. THE PHONE NUMBER IS AREA (503) 22 75 4030- ASK FOR THE COORDINATOR- NO COST. I WOULD BE HAPPY TO HELP OUT. I forgot to mention I am in El Salvador- so you can take into account the time difference.|||

Do the work yourself!|||Try LanguageLine

if you want/need a professional.

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