Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I need a English to Spanish translator, how much do they usually charge an hour?

Not sure about what they charge.....but here are a few FREE sites that translate for you. Hope it helps...


www.free-translator.com|||Probably a college student would do it for you for $10-$25 an hour, and call that a good deal. Ask a professor to recommend someone, or call up and ask the Spanish Department. The charge could depend on how hard it is -like whether it's a love letter or a scientific paper. You can find higher-priced rates if you do an internet search for language translators. There are several free translation services on the internet, and some of them only do the free work for very small %26amp; simple jobs, and advertise that they do more professional translating for a fee. You could check them out to get their rates. You might also try elance, at the link below. It's a website for freelance workers who do all sorts of work. You can describe the job and say how much you'll pay, or you can ask for bids on it.

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