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What is the word for 'Translator' in french, german, italian, spanish, greek or latin ?

I would like to know a word which means 'Translator' in any of the above languages.|||French: Traducteur

German: Uebersetzer

Italian: Traduttore

Spanish: Traductor

Greek: μεταφραστής

Latin: Versor|||In Italian it's "traduttore."


French--traducteur.|||If, by "translator", you are referring to a person that translates, then you need to differentiate between masculine and feminine. See below: m / f:

French - traducteur / traductrice

Italian - traduttore / traduttrice

Spanish - traductor / traductora|||in German: Übersetzer (male); Übersetzerin (female)|||French : traducteur|||In French, it's "traducteur" (for a man) "traductrice" (for a woman)|||French: Traducteur

German: Übersetzer

Greek: Μεταφραστής

Italian: Traduttore

Portuguese: Tradutor

Russian: Переводчик

Spanish: Traductor


Translate is reddo in Latin|||Übersetzer (human translator)

Übersetzungsmaschine (machine translator)|||Traducteur (in French) - Traductrice (feminine).

Traducteur technique. Traductrice medicale....etc.

Free text to speech spanish translator download?

hey i am looking for a free translator for a computer that can translate and speak the translation for free|||Use I can speak Spanish for free using really good voices. Translation is by babelfish or google.

What are some good colleges for studying spanish?

I would like to become a spanish translator/interpreter. What are some colleges that offer good spanish study programs? |||

I would say the absolute best program to learn a language here in the United States is Middlebury College's summer program. They offer 10 languages in extensive summer courses where you are absolutely not allowed to speak another language. Each language is grouped into their own dorms and cafeterias in addition to the intensive language classes that are given 5 days a week. You can attend this program no matter what college you attend and it would certainly put you light years ahead of your colleagues in your Spanish classes.

An online translator from English to Spanish?

I need a good online translator that will translate my sentences from English to different dialects of Spanish including the slangs. Not google translator, not babel fish, those don't have it. I want ALL dialects of spanish.


English to Spanish(Mexican)

English to Spanish(Puerto Rican)

English to Spanish(Chilean)

English to Spanish(Peruvian)

English to Spanish(Argentinian)

English to Spanish(Colombian)

English to Spanish(Bolivian)

And all the other Spanish dialects I can't remember.

Please this would help.

Thannnnnkkkss =]|||The best online translator is Yahoo! Answers, of course! You get real people who can answer your questions here, unlike automated online translators. Sites like freetranslation don't help because they produce a gisted translation, and are usually pointless.

Just keep making contacts here and ask your questions here. It only costs 5 points, but you get personal help here for free.|||There are NO reliable translators on line. All of them are just so terrible.

And on top of that, you'd like to have something which goes into that much detail????

If I were you, I'd try to get a good, normal, traditional dictionary.

There are excellent ones which will show where the word, in brackets, is used. And there are others called 'Advanced Learners Dictionary' which are great since they'll give you examples to show how the words are used.|||microsoft word should be able to help. try it's language section

it might take a while to get it all working, but its worth it. try to translate in say google etc first and paste to the word document which is set in your choosen language, then check the spellings|||thre u can find diferent dictionaries for the different countries鈥?/a>

slangs of all the countries that speak spanish|||Sounds like you need to cultivate a few spanish-speaking friends. I don麓t think that any translator can handle ANY of that, much less ALL of it.

Good luck!

I can help you out with true Spanish, and maybe a little Mexican...|||Try this site:

They have a free text translator section.

But remember that slang can cause problems during some translations and things can get totally messed up.

Do you need a degree in Spanish to b a translator?

Like can't I just take Spanish classes and college|||Whatever sort of job you want, it is the employer who decides what qualifications he wants, and, broadly speaking, the less picky he is, the less he will expect to pay you. Of course if you want the status of official translator (e.g. one employed in court cases or to certify the meaning of official documents) you will have to satisfy whatever the legislation requires, and maybe undergo a special examination.

Spanish, unfortunately, is a well known language. Although there may be proportionately more jobs for translators from Spanish than, say from Romanian, or even Russian, there will be many more people competing for them, and employers will take advantage of this to raise their requirements and (let's admit it) lower pay. I translate from Portuguese: easily get all the work I need, and think I am fairly rewarded. I would be far less lucky in Spanish.|||Yes, you need a degree to be a translator. You can also take a degree in translation with Spanish as one of the languages. (recommended)
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  • Are there Online Spanish translators with sound?

    I like Bing online spanish translator but it doesn't say the word so i do not know if im saying it right...|||

    How would I get the job as an English-Spanish translator?

    I live by Chicago.....if that helps|||I suggest watching "The Interpreter." If you haven't seen it or if you have, watch it again. If you get the DVD they have some special features that look at the real life of a translator. "The Interpreter" is about a United Nations's interpreter who over hears a plot to assassinate a President of some made up African country.

    U.N. (United Nations) interpreters are like the ultimate translator. If you two languages simultaneously--and you show that, I think you should be pretty set. Watch those DVD special features. They say what a U.N. translator needs to do. If you want to be a translator, I would shoot for a U.N. interpreter because if you don't get that then you will be well off anyway.|||move to southwestern or west U.S. jobs there require two languages|||Are you qualified? First I would get registered and then think about the rest. The UN as someone suggests above require registered and qualified translators.|||Freelance translation jobs available at鈥?/a>