Thursday, February 9, 2012

What is the word for 'Translator' in french, german, italian, spanish, greek or latin ?

I would like to know a word which means 'Translator' in any of the above languages.|||French: Traducteur

German: Uebersetzer

Italian: Traduttore

Spanish: Traductor

Greek: μεταφραστής

Latin: Versor|||In Italian it's "traduttore."


French--traducteur.|||If, by "translator", you are referring to a person that translates, then you need to differentiate between masculine and feminine. See below: m / f:

French - traducteur / traductrice

Italian - traduttore / traduttrice

Spanish - traductor / traductora|||in German: Übersetzer (male); Übersetzerin (female)|||French : traducteur|||In French, it's "traducteur" (for a man) "traductrice" (for a woman)|||French: Traducteur

German: Übersetzer

Greek: Μεταφραστής

Italian: Traduttore

Portuguese: Tradutor

Russian: Переводчик

Spanish: Traductor


Translate is reddo in Latin|||Übersetzer (human translator)

Übersetzungsmaschine (machine translator)|||Traducteur (in French) - Traductrice (feminine).

Traducteur technique. Traductrice medicale....etc.

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