Thursday, February 9, 2012

An online translator from English to Spanish?

I need a good online translator that will translate my sentences from English to different dialects of Spanish including the slangs. Not google translator, not babel fish, those don't have it. I want ALL dialects of spanish.


English to Spanish(Mexican)

English to Spanish(Puerto Rican)

English to Spanish(Chilean)

English to Spanish(Peruvian)

English to Spanish(Argentinian)

English to Spanish(Colombian)

English to Spanish(Bolivian)

And all the other Spanish dialects I can't remember.

Please this would help.

Thannnnnkkkss =]|||The best online translator is Yahoo! Answers, of course! You get real people who can answer your questions here, unlike automated online translators. Sites like freetranslation don't help because they produce a gisted translation, and are usually pointless.

Just keep making contacts here and ask your questions here. It only costs 5 points, but you get personal help here for free.|||There are NO reliable translators on line. All of them are just so terrible.

And on top of that, you'd like to have something which goes into that much detail????

If I were you, I'd try to get a good, normal, traditional dictionary.

There are excellent ones which will show where the word, in brackets, is used. And there are others called 'Advanced Learners Dictionary' which are great since they'll give you examples to show how the words are used.|||microsoft word should be able to help. try it's language section

it might take a while to get it all working, but its worth it. try to translate in say google etc first and paste to the word document which is set in your choosen language, then check the spellings|||thre u can find diferent dictionaries for the different countries鈥?/a>

slangs of all the countries that speak spanish|||Sounds like you need to cultivate a few spanish-speaking friends. I don麓t think that any translator can handle ANY of that, much less ALL of it.

Good luck!

I can help you out with true Spanish, and maybe a little Mexican...|||Try this site:

They have a free text translator section.

But remember that slang can cause problems during some translations and things can get totally messed up.

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