Thursday, February 9, 2012

Online english to spanish translator program?

is there anything on web that i can simply type something in english and it will convert to spanish automatically...............|||Go to|||Yes, there are many sites, but it wont be 100% accurate...and it all depends on what u want to translate...u know slangs cant be translated...What are u trying to translate?

Good luck! ^_^|||google ---more--- translater. select to spanish/english


-JM-|||Many sites have programs that will do this for you! A few links below...

But, really: *please* do not depend on these! Machine translation can somehow mis-translate even the simplest bit of text. Very often the translation either doesn't make sense or just plain *looks* like it was by a machine (you can almost always tell).

Maybe you can post what you need translated here, on Yahoo Answers? You're guaranteed to get something better than what a machine will give you...

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