Saturday, February 4, 2012

How do you translate this phrase to spanish. The translator had to cancel. We need to reschedule appointment?

Just one point; is it proposed to conduct this appointment/interview in writing? If not, why are you using a translator instead of an interpreter?

Addition: ProgressJess: "Interpretor" is not a word in Spaniash; the Spanish for "interpreter" is "int茅rprete"|||El traductor (or el interprete) tuvo que cancelar su cita, tenemos que reprogramarla.

When you say "reprogramarla" it is pointing to the appointment that was cancel. Another way of saying will be: El traductor (or el int茅rprete) tuvo que cancelar la cita, tenemos que reprogramar la cita.

But here you麓ll be repeating the word "cita" and it will not sound good.

Cheers!|||Tenemos que cambiar su cita para otra fecha. We have to change your appointment to another date.

que dia le combiene a usted: Which date is combinient for you.

la proxima semana? next week

el proximo mes? next month?

el lunes Monday

martes Tuesday

miercoles Wednesday

jueves Thursday

viernes Friday

sabado Saturday

domingo Sunday

I hope this helps, if you can go to google translator|||"Tenemos que reprogramar la cita"

"Tenemos que reprogramar el turno" (appointment w/doctor)|||El interpretor est谩 ocupado. Necesitamos cambiar la sita.

Also, you can use this site for help in the future.|||El traductor tuvo que cancelar.

Nosotros necesitamos reprogramar, cambiar o posponer su cita.|||its "Tenemos que volver a programar cita?"

please return the favour and rate best answer and 5 stars

thank you|||El traductor tuvo que cancelar. Tendremos que reprogramar la cita.

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