Thursday, February 9, 2012

How would I get the job as an English-Spanish translator?

I live by Chicago.....if that helps|||I suggest watching "The Interpreter." If you haven't seen it or if you have, watch it again. If you get the DVD they have some special features that look at the real life of a translator. "The Interpreter" is about a United Nations's interpreter who over hears a plot to assassinate a President of some made up African country.

U.N. (United Nations) interpreters are like the ultimate translator. If you two languages simultaneously--and you show that, I think you should be pretty set. Watch those DVD special features. They say what a U.N. translator needs to do. If you want to be a translator, I would shoot for a U.N. interpreter because if you don't get that then you will be well off anyway.|||move to southwestern or west U.S. jobs there require two languages|||Are you qualified? First I would get registered and then think about the rest. The UN as someone suggests above require registered and qualified translators.|||Freelance translation jobs available at鈥?/a>

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