Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Help! English Spanish translator?

She was still a newlywed when the attack came, Her supervisor cornered the Spanish teenager in a remote field in south of the County sex. The police report is vivid: The man tied her hands behind her back. Stuffed a handkerchief in her mouth to stifle the screams. Forced her to the ground. Pinned her arms. Pulled his pants down. Began yanking at her belt.

He was still fumbling with the stubborn belt when three other women walked up. He pulled his pants up and fled. Lying there, dirty embarrassed. terrified, she shook and wept over a scene, that would never leave her. It is a story repeated day after day in the fields of Arizona. But if you can believe the migrants and their advocates, most victims never report it. They fear the Police. Immigration might get called, and you know where that might lead.

The case of the spanish woman was unusual because she and her husband mustered the courage to call the cops. Sheriff's Detective Williams tried to help. but the vitim spoke an obscure spanish language. He took her to sister Lora, a spanish nun working with spanish migrants, sister Lora remembers a frightened teenager who lived in a rented house in Arizona

We could see she was in shock. We coud see she had been traumatized. The sheriff wanted so much to follow through on the case, but we could not find a true translator in. All of us were very, very sad about it. Soon after, the lady moved, "she said. "I remember somebody working en the center mentioned to me that this is so common, She said,'Oh, sister, if you only knew how common'".

Still, the detective tried, He looked for the suspect, but he had disappeared after being fired, Then he descover that the young woman had been fired, too "What l gound so disturbing was that she was terminated for beign victim. l was just dumbfounded, What benefit do they have to report a crime?" But it could have been worse, She could have been kidnapped and turned into a sex slave. For women attempting to flee the poverty of their homelands, rape and force porstitution loom large on the list of threats thery face in their quest to find work in the United States.|||Wow what a sad sad story. So bad that only a few people understand what you understand that immigrants don't come here to steal nothing from noone but to work and give their family a better life. And yes thats why every victim prefer stay quiet because noone do anything and like that lady she was fired for been a victim.

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