Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Free spanish to english translator?

I need to find a free spanish to english translator that doesn't give you weird unheard of translations. Do you know of any? Thank you so much for your help.|||depends if its for one word or sentences.

freetranslation is quite good (for sentences) but not perfect none of them are

wordreference.com is great for words. in depth analysis just like a dictionary|||For most homework, you can post it here and you will get a dozen good translations in seconds.

Chose a person that consistently give you the best translations and ask if you can just send the sentences directly.|||well there is NO online translator that will give you the exact translation with full sentences because only a human could do that.

but there are plenty of websites that can translate single words one at a time.

go to webster.com|||google.com/translate|||the best one is www.altavista.com...you will enjoy

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