Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can I really rely on Google translator to translate english to spanish sentences for me?

just want to know so when i write something it isn't wrong.|||No you can't. I would post it here on Yahoo answers before i did that. It doesn't make alot of sense sometimes when it is translated online. Your best bet is answers.|||No, you really can't. A computer can't "translate" like a human translator can. Most online translators are either completely inaccurate or only slightly accurate, at best. Google Translate is better than some of the translation software systems you can find online, but I wouldn't rely on it for school assignments, tattoos or any kind of business communication if you want to avoid embarrassment.

There is an online human translation service (free) that you can use for short, non-school related information, but it's only available for the French and English languages.|||Goddess -- not really. It's only fairly reliable, all sorts of problems can come up.

your thrall|||Depends on the purpose of the translation.

If you are using it for your personal use or just for family and friends, they will probably understand the meaning and tolerate the mistakes done by Google. Yet, for any other purpose, you must hire the services of a professional translator.

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