Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you need a degree in Spanish to b a translator?

Like can't I just take Spanish classes and college|||Whatever sort of job you want, it is the employer who decides what qualifications he wants, and, broadly speaking, the less picky he is, the less he will expect to pay you. Of course if you want the status of official translator (e.g. one employed in court cases or to certify the meaning of official documents) you will have to satisfy whatever the legislation requires, and maybe undergo a special examination.

Spanish, unfortunately, is a well known language. Although there may be proportionately more jobs for translators from Spanish than, say from Romanian, or even Russian, there will be many more people competing for them, and employers will take advantage of this to raise their requirements and (let's admit it) lower pay. I translate from Portuguese: easily get all the work I need, and think I am fairly rewarded. I would be far less lucky in Spanish.|||Yes, you need a degree to be a translator. You can also take a degree in translation with Spanish as one of the languages. (recommended)
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