Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What is the best spanish to english translator?

i tryed google and it was terable i type in stuff i knew and it said differnt stuff|||I agree that a human is best. If you need something faster and cheaper, the best way to use an online translator is to only translate the missing words that you don't know. Especially if you're using it for school, translating sentences tips your teacher off because either you're going to do stuff that's way too advanced for your level, or it'll mess everything up and they'll figure you out. (From my experience, it's always messed up).

Wordreference.com is a great dictionary, so if you need to know one word, it'll explain where it came from.

Example if you want to translate "fish" into Spanish, it'll let you know you can use "pescar" the verb, or "peces" live fish, or "pescado" the food you eat.

Hope that helps!|||The best Spanish-to-English translator is an experienced human being who is a native English speaker but highly literate in both languages. The best English-to-Spanish translator is an experienced human being who is a native Spanish speaker but highly literate in both languages. No automatic online translator can be relied on, but some are worse than others.|||The best Spanish to English translator, is, of course, a human interpreter. Only a human can notice, handle and understand nuances and inferences a machine would be utterly unable to distinguish.|||Might as well use an English dictionary first.

But if you know a friend that speaks Spanish then ask him, if not then then copy your friends work :)|||I know you tried google, but for what? Its the best I've seen, very accurate from what I see.
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