Thursday, February 9, 2012

How can i become a better english->spanish translator?

i took an exam for a job with the county and one of the things they made me do was a translation test. spanish -%26gt; english, i rocked their world. english -%26gt; spanish i felt like a retarded 10 year old. i can explain things in spanish fine but when it comes to translation my mind goes blank! how can i become a better translator?

one of the things i was thinking was practicing translating stuff. like books or something. would anyone be wiling to check it over when i finish? if so hit me up with an email|||try practicing translating lyrics|||Funny I am the other way around, but that may be because I live in Spain and find it easier to think in Spanish at times. Maybe you should watch some Spanish films (not English films dubbed in Spanish) to help you think more in Spanish.

I have to constantly switch on and off as when I am at work I am often working and thinking in Spanish and when I am with Spanish friends I think in Spanish and find it hard to translate if there is someone in our group who can't speak English, I have to really think about it, but then at home I am thinking in English. Me and the kids often end up speaking Spanglish but we seem to always understand each other.

So I think the key is that you need to be thinking in Spanish rather than just translating.
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