Saturday, February 4, 2012

If i want to be a translator, what subject should I combine with Spanish at uni?

I have just finished year 12 and so far I have 2 C's in maths, and spanish and a D in media. So no course that is too hard to get into!|||Think another language in addition to Spanish as well as speech or writing.

By the way a C in the language for which you want to be a translator is not good at all./|||Do you mean besides taking an actual translator/interpretor program?
I imagine if you are wanting to be a translator, you would want another language besides Spanish? Or are you looking for any subject that would be a nice background or accompany a translator career?

1. If you are wanting another language: I would try to choose a language that is used alot. Where are you planning to live (what is popular language there, besides Spanish?).

2. If you are looking for a non-language course (as in not learning a new language), then I would think a subject that studies languages would assist your career. These are my suggestions: English Language/Literature (yes courses for studying the history of the language, or just literature)........., Linguistics, Anthropology or some other courses in Social Sciences, where you learn about many cultures.

Good luck.
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