Saturday, February 4, 2012

I need a Spanish/Japanese Translator to Translate for Free, can you Help?

I have a couple anime movies that are in different spanish and japanese, i need a translator who can put subtitles in for free please, because im broke. i really need help because these movies were hard to find, if you decide to help me give me a method of sending the movies to you thanks :D|||I saw your concern ,I鈥檓 a student and let me share to you what I have right now. I have this app on my iPhone called speechtrans that let me communicate with people with different languages.including russian language this is the website SpeechTrans this app have the Ability to Cut and paste text from other APPS or website for it to be read aloud and translated, also help me to my language class,also eliminate language barrier. i hope this will help student like me because its a great help for esl student, for me its consider a educational tool . and it really save you cash than hiring someone to translate it for you and i heard that The InterprePhone service is the latest innovation, which is currently also included in the SpeechTrans Android application. InterprePhone lets the users communicate, without the need of an interpreter, via a telephone conference call.hope this help|||Go to Google Translate.

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