Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where can I find a free translator for Spanish to English that workd?

n/a|||try|||babelfish is good|||鈥?/a>||| or are professional websites and some of the postings on there could be to do volunteer translation. note that generally this site uses professionals who expect payment but there's nothing stopping you from posting it as 'volunteer' work, because i've seen such postings before.

otherwise, failing that, go onto the spanish yahoo and ask your question there, i've done that with a french expression and got my sentence translated by native french speakers, hows that for brilliant?|||alta vista|||Hey, have you tried ? I used it a lot when I studied French and German (that's if you want to translate words, and not something some one is saying - i.e. you don't want a person as a translator)

- Oops just tried loading it in a web browser and it didn't appear to work, however there is -

But just to say, if you do use it, put it in word using the symbols because they don't have a function with inserting symbols on it, and if you put i a word they don't recognise it translates exactly as you wrote it!!

I think if you want a person to translate, try advertising it around student areas - especially Graduates / Post Grads. I'm sure they'll appreciate the experience, even if they're not being paid for it.|||try|||

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