Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm majoring in international studies and spanish...what jobs are there for me other than a translator?

I am fluent in English, Spanish, Polish, and soon Arabic. I am majoring in international studies and spanish, as well as art. What jobs are out there other than a translator or the CIA?

Also, is there anyway I can somehow incorporate art into it?

Thanks!|||You could work in government-lean towards politics and you could help bring two countries together and talk about policy and stuff.

An art might have to be a side thing for you. People always say follow your dream, but you want to be realistic and pick a good career that will sustain you and provide stability. Then you can always pick up Art and sell on the side. You could set up a website where your things are sold and such.|||What other skills do you have?

I once met a man who could speak, read and write Farsi and Arabic. He could also pilot a small jet and repair Slurpee machines. He flew all over the Middle East doing that.

If I were you, I would take some basic courses in sales and accounting. That would prep you for international business.

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