Saturday, February 4, 2012

What is the most accurate translator from English to Spanish?

I need to be able to translate English to Spanish accurately, where can I get help|||There's no such thing. They are all bad and inaccurate. Sorry.

Only a real person will do it correctly.

.|||鈥?/a>|||a native speaker....

all online translators work too bad...|||The ONLY accurate translator is someone who is fluent in both English and Spanish. Sorry.|||Free online translators just translate word for word, which never works out that great and it can be hard to understand. They can mess up even simple sentences.

Example: "Me falta pr谩ctica en Espa帽ol" means "I need to practice my spanish" in English. But you translate that sentence with the free translator and you get: "I lack practical in spanish

They are pretty much only good for getting the "gist" of a sentence or paragraph.

If you want a really good translator, then you'll need a person.|||I am a native Spanish speaker but part of my work is translate workshops and books. I have used and google translation tools. So far, google translation does a better job. Of course you still have to check, correct and edit, but definitely google leaves me less work to do.||| has been accurate for me, so far.

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