Saturday, February 4, 2012

Translate this to spanish please without a translator?

A maid opens up the hotel room and brings in all her equipment. then she starts to clean up any mess. Then she goes to the bathroom and cleans the floors, she uses soap and water. She also uses Windex to clean the mirrors.To clean the bedroom she uses a vacuum and a rag and wipes down the mirrors and the Televisions.|||la recamarera habre el cuarto del hotel y pone todo su intrumentos de trabajo, empieza a limpiar lo que esta sucio. luego va al bano y limpia los pisos, ella usa jabon y agua.tambien usa lmpiador de ventanas para los espejos.para la recamara usa la aspiradora y un toalla humeda, limpia los espejos y la television.|||Use the Page tab on Google and get Google translate - it will translate the text. If it's your Spanish homework though, you'd better be sure to check the grammar because google isn't perfect.
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