Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spanish translator online?

Give me a link with a good translator that translates stuff from English to Spanish that you don't have to download anything and the google thing doesn't work. I really need this thanks!|||none, don't use them they are not accurate. Many will recommend them but as a Spanish native speaker I can tell you that none of them comes even close. Sorry.|||HEY IM A GOOD TEACHER I SPEAK SPANISH IM A TRANSLATOR FOR YEARS SO YEAH|||Here is one--but none of the free ones are very accurate!|||Not sure if this is what you're looking for but here is a link I use all the time. A few translation sites are listed on there. I use "Free Translation" the most; it has worked good enough for me in the past. Be aware though, that none of these sites give a perfectly accurate translation. Try this link:|||My spanish teacher has told me to use it's accurate if you want to speak traditional spanish, not um slang spanish? i'm not sure...but this site works, you can only translate a word at a time though|||I have a lot of success with Yahoo Babel Fish.

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