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Should it be against the law to speak Spanish in public unless the speakers offer a translator to non Spanish?

Should it be against the law to speak spanish in public unless the speakers offer a translator to non Spanish speakers ?Should it be against the law to speak Spanish in public unless the speakers offer a translator to non Spanish?
No, but it should be illegal to expect government agencies to speak foreign languages, they don't in other countries.
And if they make a law against that, then what's next? You do realize banning a certain language is the same as banning nothing more than a sequence of noises, and so anything else--including your right to ask this question or sit there on the internet--could be taken away next. After all, if they can ban nothing but noise, then why shouldn't we ban something else more tangible just because it irritates someone else?

If someone is speaking Spanish in public and they are not talking to you, then where's the problem? If someone is speaking to you in Spanish, you can ignore them. It makes more sense.Should it be against the law to speak Spanish in public unless the speakers offer a translator to non Spanish?
i understand how you feel, because it seems like the spanish language is being pushed down our throat, what ever you buy, you have to find the english instructions. most business have, press 1 for english and press 2 for spanish. what about all the other languages, do they get equal time, or is the spanish language trying to rub bellies with our english language and push ours out of the way? no i don't think it should be a law. i just want ours to stand alone, that's all.Should it be against the law to speak Spanish in public unless the speakers offer a translator to non Spanish?
whenever I encounter such a thing---I speak right up and tell them to speak english....that is what our tax dollars paid for with the English as a second Language crud.....I am not shy---they are in our country, in our businesses and unless they are in court and completely fail to understand what is happening should they be given an interpreter----why make it so easy for these rude people....when they speak it around me I turn and say something to them in Choctaw Indian......they usually shut up right away, then in plain english I tell them that they are in MY country-----
Why do you repeat the question ? Once is enough

It should be against the law to post this kind of questions here

Also, it should be against the law to go to school to learn.

What for ? We need not to learn. The gibberish that many people call english is more than enough
Not in the United States of America. In this country we do not have an "official language"; true, English is by a long shot the most widely-spoken and -understood language, but it is not the "official language."

Several states have passed laws making English the official language of those states, but I believe they have all resulted in court challenges.

By the way, when California became a state, it had---by law---TWO official languages: English, of course, and...yes, SPANISH.

I have several problems with what you're asking, including: Why are we only wanting to make the speaking of SPANISH illegal? I live in Los Angeles, which many consider the most culturally diverse city that has ever existed. I live in Koreatown---where most of the signs are in Korean, but most of the people are Central American. I am one of only three non-Central Americans in my apartment building. As I walk along my street, or shop in local stores or eat in neighborhood restaurants, I hear English, Spanish, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, Armenian, Farsi---just to name a few languages---and I think that's WONDERFUL. In fact, that's one of the things I'm going to miss when I move back to my hometown, Oklahoma City (but I have little choice; the raggedy apartment in a ramshackle building in a decidedly unfashionable part of L.A. for which I pay the extremely reasonable price --- for L.A. --- of $880 a month, wouldn't cost me more than $350 a month in OKC; probably, less).

Why should it be any of my business what language someone else is speaking???
No that would be an idiotic law. Why only spanish? How about German? or Russian,French,Chinese? From all the languages in the world why spanish? Why should Spanish speakers translate? Why can't you just learn spanish so you can understand it.
If you want to do this then you should include all languages including sign language. Make that French couple vacationing in the US bring a translator with them at all times to satisfy your curiosity over whether they are talking about you and making fun of the stupid American kid.
Tony is at it again. Must be something if you feel the need to impersonate me. It is also a violation. And I know for a fact who it is.

If it is business, it should be done in English! Speak spanish in their homes.
No of course not and it would be totally unenforcible. do you really want the US government to tell Americans what language they're allowed to speak? not all Americans speak English.
US language is English and must stay that way. immigrants should learn to speak English not the other way around. Immigrant retains /practices culture of their old country, that's fine BUT everyone should speak English.
How does that not violate the First Amendment?

MANY other countries do provide translators or multi or bilingual sings. I have no idea why some right wingers think this is some special American hardship.
Yes and in that case.. Tourists who are visiting foreign countries, must also 'rent" a translator when they go around the world.....
No, Last time I check this is America you can speak any language you want
you can still dreaming.
No, but there should be no expectation that anyone else be required to speak spanish.
yes and english should be banned from non-english speaking countries that Americans go for vacations.
Many Americans can talk in excellent gibberish as well
Great question Ms. Kize. Yes it should. You never know what those racist MESSYcan la raza nazi invading border criminal illegal aliens are plotting.
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