Friday, January 27, 2012

Where can i find a good spanish translator online?

i really need a translator thatactually works good. all the ones i found can't even get simple words correct like estupidoWhere can i find a good spanish translator online?
this one is fantastic. it even gives you the translation of the word whether it's an adj, adv, v, n, etc ... check it out!
you might want to try

it's a 250,000 word Spanish-English English-Spanish dictionary made for the iphone web browser. The company is also going to come out with a downloadable app soon.

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Where can i find a good spanish translator online?, they have a translator on their homepage.Where can i find a good spanish translator online?
this is best one
I can translate "maricon puto," which I am usually called when I go in a Spanish shop. Viva Zapata, is what I usually respond.

And THEIR translator usually cant figure that one out.
You have tried, or babelfish on

Maybe i can help you, i speak spanish.
you have to keep in mind that the order of words changes in Spanish. Like "the black cat" would be El Gato ***** which is "the cat black"... just make sure that when you use an online translator you know the basic order of how the words go in the language or print it and show it to a Spanish speaking person... email any questions to me if you like!
Another option is to see if it offered on your tool bar under maybe the Customize option. I have Advanced toolbar where I added a translater option when I customized it and I am very sorry but I forgot where I got the Advance toolbar
You should use a paper dictionary, because they give you more than one possibility and some useful phrases, with an online translator all you get is word for word translation, which usually gives you the wrong word.

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