Tuesday, January 31, 2012

(Spanish translator please) My beautiful fiance is from Spain and?

I read a text that she wrote her friend.I think she is going to throw a surprise party for me and i am dying to know what this means. "No lo amo m谩s. Voy a decirle que la boda est谩 apagada." I know it is bad to read a text, but i am really exited to see what my birthday plans are!!|||Oh my. I hope you're kidding.

What the first person said is correct,

"I don't love him anymore. I am going to tell him that the wedding is off."

Lo siento (Sorry)|||sorry,but she said "i dont love him anymore and shes going to cancel the wedding"|||隆Hello!

Apagada isn't, is cancelada

I don't love him anymore, I'm gonna to tell him that the wedding is canceled

I'm sorry


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