Friday, January 27, 2012

Spanish translator?

hey i need to know how to say homework in spanish!!.. theres like lots of different ways to say it and i cant remeber what it is and i have to write a spanish paperr!! HELP!!.. fast!!!Spanish translator?
tarea...that is the default answer. It is the most commonly used.
Jean-Pier is correct. It's tarea.

If you're studying Spanish and have to write papers in that language, why don't you have an English-Spanish/Spanish-English dictionary?! You need one of those, and the book 501 Spanish Verbs.

You can also find E-S/S-E dictionaries online. Good luck!Spanish translator?
TAREA.Spanish translator?
Tareas escolares.

In some countries: Deberes
Tarea means Homework.
The translation is "tarea", but it's common to say "deberes".
If you need more try the following link

it's an online translator.
My teacher taught us "tarea"
Pay better attention in class, take better notes, and do your homework. Sorry, no help here and no sympathy either.
tarea.This is what most teachers use.
homework = tareas (escolares) or deberes
in Mexico-tarea, everywhere else-deberes

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