Friday, January 27, 2012

Spanish Translator?

I need help. I have a Spanish Project were we have to translate a biograph about us in to spanish and I need help plz

If you can translate English into Spanish just add me too your Yahoo IM

plz helpSpanish Translator?
first off, to respond to the people who say use an online translator, dont. they very rarely portray what you want to say. however if you need to look up individual words you don't know, is a very good site.
I can't do it for you myself because my Spanish is limited, but here is a site that lists several free online Spanish translation sites. Good luck amiga!鈥?/a>Spanish Translator?
taco burrito sumbraro and enchaladaSpanish Translator?

i hope ye get your project an A

You could try dictionarydotcom or mail one of u鈫╯ or more to be sure = )

Have a good time

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search for babel fish n google. its a good translation tool with alot of languages.
hello, there is a free translation program called "bablefish"鈥?br>

if you cant find someone to translate it.
I'm a native spanish speaker and I am good with grammar and spelling. i could read and write well if u need help write to me my e-mail is
Ola amiga, I can't ablo espanol sehr gut, aber ich kann helpen ustedes muy poquito..Justa add "o" or "y" to your Anglischen worte

and learn a bit of MexTex. You add y to your biograph, and Santa Maria! it is biography. Just start with "Haga me el favor de..." then you can asken anythings. Los gentes no puedo refuso.

Mainly smile a lot and your professor will give you an "A".

Hasta la vista baby!
Hello i speak spanish as my native language. I think i can help you with that, that is very easy to me, if you would like to send that you can send me at da_ant@hotmail.con or I use both emails. Please try to send me today i will send back today also.
You can go to and it will translate it for free!

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