Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How do you say "raise" in spanish? online translator won't help.?

Okay, I've tried the online translators. They don't work. I don't mean 'raising' the price of something. I mean 'raising' your children.

Can someone please translate the whole sentence (if you can) into spanish?

Here's the sentence:

You don't know how to raise your children.|||Criarse= to raise up or to grow up. Criar= to raise

You don't know how to raise your children=No sabes criar a tus hijos.|||No sabes como criar a tus hijos|||it means also "levantar, subir" (raise your hands) "levanta tus manos"|||criar

raise children is criar ninos.

raising children is la crianza de los hijos|||i do belive its


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