Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Any recommendations for a free online English/Spanish translator?

Ive tried a few but they end up leaving a lot of words untranslated.|||Yes, all the pals above are right, I prefer to use with google translator and of course with http://www.altavista.babelfish.com/|||My teacher always recommends we use wordreference. I'm in 200 level spanish. It works pretty well and I have to do a lot of translating word by word.

good luck!

Also, try bablefish (you can locate it with a search engine) and you can also type "spanish english spanish" online dictionary and lists will pop up of diff dictionaries and translators etc.|||on line translator are not good AT ALL! you need a native Spanish speaker in flesh and bones helping you out, there's no other way to do it right.|||http://www.diccionariostraductores.com/|||Google.com had language tools. I've been relatively satisfied.|||http://babelfish.altavista.com/|||Try either http://bablefish.altavista.com/ or http://freetranslations.com/

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