Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What does this mean in english. i need a good spanish translator because the one i used doesnt make since?

驴Usted parece mono, qu茅 es su nombre? 驴Va usted a Primaveras? Debemos conectar totalmente un d铆a. 驴As铆, por qu茅 me agreg贸 usted? Yo generalmente no consigo a tipos monos como usted agregarme.|||You LOOK cute, what麓s your name. Are you going to the Springs? (Is that a dance or something?) We must get together one day. So, why did you add me? I generally don't get added by cute guys like you.|||Well, it's not perfect Spanish, but it means something like this:

You seem cute, what's your name? Do you go to Primaveras (Springs)? We should spend an entire day talking. So, why did you add me? I don't generally get cute guys like you adding me.|||You seem cute, what is your name? Do you go to sprsing? We should connect completely for a day. Thus, why did you add me? I generally not with himself to cute types as you to add me.
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