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I would love to be an official interpreter/translator. Which is best Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish?

I speak both languages although to be an interpreter I would have to brush up and study to improve my writing skills in either language. Which would serve me best? Which language is in more demand? I don't want to study in Spanish to say find out that people are crying out for Portuguese translators! So, Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish?I would love to be an official interpreter/translator. Which is best Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish?
Well, let me tell you some actual facts about Spanish and Portuguese

Spanish is currently the Second most widely spoken language (by native speakers) in the world after Chinese (Mandarin). Portuguese is the seventh.
It is also the Second most studied language in the world just after English, more studied than French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese etc (do I even have to say Portuguese lol)

Now, if you live in the USA there's no doubt you should definitely pick Spanish as there are over 35 million people who speak it in there, some sources say that there are over 40 million. The last census says that roughly 16% of the whole country speaks Spanish. About the Portuguese speakers in the USA, there are just a bit more than a million people so the difference is 34-35 million people, that's quite a difference huh
It is by far the most widely spoken language of the US after English as well as it is the most studied one.
Thus there are a lot of jobs that require professionals who can read, write and speak it fluently.
Therefore having it in your resume will give you a lot more opportunities to get a job in an interview (and with a better payment) in the U.S.

so Spanish is definitely much more useful and beneficial than portuguese for anyone who lives in the USA

It is a very international language. Spanish is the official language in 21 countries around the world and most countries in the South, Central and North America (including the US) speak Spanish but ONLY ONE country speaks portuguese, Brazil, so it is only spoken in South America.
Portuguese is the official language in 8 countries worldwide including Portugal and Brazil, the rest are in Africa except for Eastern Timor which is in Asia.

Spanish is also one of the six official languages of the UNO (United Nations) along with English, French, Russian, Arabic and Chinese (Mandarin)
These are the most international, widely spoken, spread and studied languages in the world.
(and portuguese is not on this list)

also Spanish is the THIRD language most used on the Internet concerning the quantity of users and websites just after English (the first one) and Chinese (the second one).
This means that the information (about everything), data and multimedia resources are vast in Spanish so much more than in most languages (except these 2 I just mentioned). The experts on e-commerce say that the most flourishing and profitable languages for the future business on the internet (e-business) are Chinese and Spanish. (and this has just begun)

Now you have a very basic but actual and useful comparison between these two languages, now you can make a conclusion by yourself about which one will be better for you
1. Brazilian isn't language it is dialect of Portuguese

2. Spanish is spoken in world more then Portuguese so I would look for Spanish more but today I am pretty sure that Russian is on price (or it is only in Europe)

3. Spanish is more free then English it isn't Subject Verb Object it have a little freedom I don't know about Portuguese.I would love to be an official interpreter/translator. Which is best Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish?
1. Portuguese is a beautiful language (especially brazilian)

2. Brazil is a rising super power, and in time they will likely be players with China and the U.S. (if they are still super powers)

3. Every kid and their dog (in America at least) learns Spanish.

And this is coming from someone who speaks Spanish. (but I want to learn Portuguese)I would love to be an official interpreter/translator. Which is best Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish?
Se voc锚 t谩 afim de saber disso para um trabalho, 茅 voc锚 quem manda !!

Mas e a铆? O Brasil est谩 hoje no cen谩rio mundial, tendo grande participa莽茫o econ么mica e pol铆tica e cada vez mais se destacando entre as grandes na莽玫es,

um Pa铆s que j谩 foi dito por milhares de pesquisadores, economistas e l铆deres pol铆ticos como uma das pr贸ximas pot锚ncias, ao lado dos USA, China, 铆ndia e R煤ssia.

O portugu锚s brasileiro s贸 pode ser encontrado em um pa铆s, assim como o Ingl锚s americano, enquanto que o Espanhol est谩 alastrado por toda a am茅rica com exce莽茫o do Canad谩, USA e Brasil.

Com toda certeza, no futuro ter谩 a falta de tradutores fluentes em Portugu锚s, importante destacar que especializando-se em portugu锚s, voc锚 ser谩 um expert n茫o apenas com o portugu锚s-BR, mas tamb茅m com o Portugu锚s de Portugal, pois acredite, o pessoal vive falando que os dois s茫o dois mundos de diferen莽a, e no final voc锚 vai ver que um 茅 a fu莽a do outro.

Ah, e escrevi o texto porque voc锚 mesmo disse que fala Portugu锚s ! xD

Pense bem sobre isso, ok ?!
Yap, Gotta Love... said it all. Give it ten points right now!

Of course Brazilian is more useful in America nowadays... Sure, go for it! And, always, have fun.
Portuguese is more valuable because less people know it.

Good luck!

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