Thursday, January 26, 2012

Whats a good online spanish translator?

i never study in spanish so i really need a good translation website. but i dont know wich one to use because my spanish teacher always says that he can tell in our work if we have used a translator.Whats a good online spanish translator?
I think Babel Fish is okay. Just type in Babel Fish on Google.

Besides, it's from Yahoo it's pretty good :)

psst. I used it for my French homework lol. The teacher said she's really good at looking for translated things. She never found out.

Yes, it is true a lot of teacher can tell.

Change your verbs to ones you know in class and make sure you understand everything it says.Whats a good online spanish translator?

I believe this one is the same as Babelfish.. But if not just type in Babelfish translation in Google search engine! :)

Good luckWhats a good online spanish translator?

or a translation app for a G1/iPhone
I hate to say it, but your teacher isn't lying. I took 3 years of spanish in high school and never used online stuff, but I know quite a few people tried to. the problem is that the online translators are on the level of someone whose first language is spanish. And typically, a student in spanish class has a much lower level of the language. we don't know all the slang is shortcuts that the translators use sometimes. If you're not going to study, try using your glossary at the back of your Spanish book and the stuff in the beginning of the book to help with verbs and all. Good luck.
google has a translator

its under the "more" tab at the left top hand side page

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