Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is studying to be a spanish translator a good job?

Hi I know spanish really well and like to learn more about it. I love writing in spanish and speaking it especially since i am hispanic. i'm a junior and everyone tells me that i should major in something with spanish one of my friends told me a translator but how long would that take? where would you work? what is the avg. pay?Is studying to be a spanish translator a good job?
Errr, in California, there are too many spanish speaking people to make it worthwhile to learn Spanish just to be a translator. Court translators (in all the languages) were all native speakers who happened to know English as well. I imagine it's the same at the other states that have a border with Mexico.
I know that English-Spanish translators in Texas-California and Florida make alot of money cause they are in such high demand. The ones that probably make the most are the ones that work at the United Nations in New York City.Is studying to be a spanish translator a good job?
I know people that have majored in Spanish and have become translators. If you were to double major in an area that you enjoy that would be EXTREMELY useful and look very good. But there are also lots of others jobs that require translators, including the federal government and the U.N. I'd look at a specific college program and talk to their department as to what careers people undertake from that school. (Which each school is important as to what they offer/place students.)Is studying to be a spanish translator a good job?
The demand for spanish translators will only continue to grow in the US due to increasing mexican-american populations. It will also look good on your resume for any job you're applying for. I believe these will be the highest in-demand second languages spoken in the US in the next 20 years:

1. Spanish

2. Chineese

3. Anything Middle-eastern

4. Japanese

5. French

6. German
it is definitley in demand...and since u love writing and speaking spanish...soundz like the perfect job!

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