Thursday, January 19, 2012

I need a good english to spanish translator?

I have tried a few and when I convert it back from spanish to english it turns out to be a terrible mess. I need someone who actually knows spanish and can tell if it is a good translator. Any help out there?I need a good english to spanish translator?
Well spanish is my first language and I learned English through television and friends so I consider myself to know as much English as Spanish because I know slang, grammar, and cultural knowledge.

and the best translator would be a person...

if not available to you a plain dictionary will do (only for words) because sentences are governed by semantics
Obviously you can never do better than an actual human translator, but for those who do not have that option can use the following:

I would always tell my students that a good digital Spanish/English dictionary is an invaluable language resource that goes beyond the typical paperback dictionary. Not only do they give you words accompanied by meaningful phrases, but they can conjugate verbs, which often is a great challenge for students.

I have used the Franklin DBE-1440 Pocket Spanish/English Dictionary - You can conjugate all 18 verb forms and it has a capacity of 2 million translations. I know this was put out a few years ago, so I'm sure they have better translators now.

The two best websites for translating:

Best for one word translations %26amp; compound words -

Google Translate:

Phrases and translations of websites -

The problem with translation websites is they usually translate the "literal"(using unreliable software technology)....which we know can not be done when translating into the foreign language. Your best luck with phrases would be to try a couple of translation websites to compare the phrases and then to see which response comes up the most. If you're unsure, check with someone who is bilingual.

Good luck in your future translating endeavors!I need a good english to spanish translator?
maybe check out this website...... need a good english to spanish translator?
Google Translator

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