Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where can I find a good Spanish translator?

Can someone give me a direct link to a Spanish translator (from Spanish to English) that actually is accurate because Google's isn't.Where can I find a good Spanish translator?
I think that a translator which gives an accurate translation doesn't exist.

I do something, I use many translators to see the differences:

I use all these: (This gives you three options of translation)鈥?/a>

Have a nice day! =)Where can I find a good Spanish translator?
I'm afraid there is no such thing. Any online translator simply doesn't work. Even if you enter original text which is 100% grammaticall accurate and with no spelling errors at all (and very few people are capable of doing that) - translators simply don't know what is going through your mind. If you say "hydraulic ram" it is just as likely to think you mean "aquatic male sheep"; if you enter " I read" it can't tell if you meant the present tense or the past tense, even with accompanying auxiliaries like "yesterday" or "every day". And it doesn't understand idioms, colloquialisms, metaphors, similes or mood.Where can I find a good Spanish translator?
You can use the babylon to do what you want. It's the best dictionary and translation tool:
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