Thursday, January 19, 2012

Can anyone recommend a good 'certified' spanish translator in london?

I've tried searching and can't find out what qualifications a translator needs to certify documents legally. I have a few official documents and certificates I need to translate into Spanish. Does anyone know of a good trustworthy translator who can do it relatively cheaply and have it stamped or whatever needs to be done to make it legal?Can anyone recommend a good 'certified' spanish translator in london?
I had the same problem recently, I needed to get a certificate translated into Spanish and I was told I had to get it 鈥榗ertified鈥?so I did some research but apparently there is no such thing as an official certified translation in the UK. What some translation companies can do though is certify that a fully qualified translator was used. You can also get sworn translations where the translator has to testify in front of a solicitor that it is correct, but it's very expensive and I think only courts require this sort of level. You didn鈥檛 say what you need it certified for.

I phoned around and the best quote I got for my spanish translation was with they鈥檙e based in somerset, but have an office in London. They were pretty quick and my Spanish speaking colleague said the translation was accurate, so I鈥檓 more than happy to recommend them.Can anyone recommend a good 'certified' spanish translator in london?
mine only costs $0.99 (but you need something that can download apps) download the "jibbigo" app

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