Thursday, January 19, 2012

How can I become a Spanish Translator?

I am fluently in Spanish. How can I start making money using my second language? Do I have to be certified? I translate documents from Spanish to English and vice-versa at work, but they don't pay me extra for this, so how can I get paid extra for this somewhere else?How can I become a Spanish Translator?
Hi to be a professional Spanish traslator, you have to have a special certificate that allows you and convince all people that you are professional, and that's easy. You will lose nothing, just go and study DELE and then see what will happen after that, you will gain more skills and vocab, also will let people know that you are special and uniqueHow can I become a Spanish Translator?
What is DELE and how do I find more about it???

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How can I become a Spanish Translator?
okay my gf is majoring in spanish, she wants to be a trnslator, and well she is gettign her degree and all that. so if you would like to work for the gov't and all that you most likely need a degree.

however there are some small offices that need translator, for paperwork and clients. it all depends on where you live. but look around a lot of insureance places use those, or just people who would deal with a lot of people or great variety.

good luck!
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