Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do you think HBO needs to replace their Spanish translator?

I forgot his name but he sucks at translating Spanish.Do you think HBO needs to replace their Spanish translator?
He's certainly a lot better than the last one they had. I forget his name (he had white hair) but he was TERRIBLE. They fired him and now we have this guy.
I like him, because of the way he translates for the fighter. He makes the interview smooth.

As Merchant or Kellerman asks a question in English, the translator is right next to the fighter whispering in his ear what was asked. Then the fighter can immediately respond to the question.

On Showtime, or in the UFC/MMA, they always ask the question, then give the mic to the translator, let him translate the question into the mic, then let the fighter answer, and THEN let the translator tell the audience what the fighter had to say. It takes way too long IMO.

The way the guy for HBO does it makes the interview quicker and better IMO.Do you think HBO needs to replace their Spanish translator?
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ohh wow steve i also have speechtrans on my iphone and i think its a great app that can translate to any language you desire especially Spanish by the way you can use speechtrans for translating some video on your T.V i just did that yesterday :) this is the website if your interested
Lol yea my father and i were watching that yesterday we just yelled at the tv "you idiot thats not what he asked". He knew he screwed the question up because after he finished translating he had this " f*ck i just messed up hopefully nobody notices" face. I mean he does miss a few lines from the fighter and/or commentator sometimes but he's alright i guessed. He can't say his "w" lol

Re"re rinning this round re're rinning this round. Im sure you noticed that before lol
I believe his name is Jerry Olaya. I never had a problem with him and like Stick said, he's quick and maintains the fluidity of the interviews. As far as the accuracy of the translations between Kellerman and the fighters, not too sure because I don't know Spanish lol.


I'm Colombian and speak and under Spanish pretty good. Only problem i got a kinda of heavy American Accent when speaking Spanish but I can do a better job. That was turrible what he did with Alvarez. HBO NEEDS TO CALL ME!!!!!!!!
Ha . . I don't speak Spanish so I always wondered if the translation was accurate. Especially when the Boxer speaks for like 1 minute and the translator gives a 5 second translation.
Hard to say. The only person really in a position to judge here is one who understands both English and Spanish; then you can hear both sides of the conversation.
Ha ha that's funny he does suck he just rushes so I think he gets a lil twisted at times they should offer the job to ozuna he knows English pretty well but who knows maybe he wouldn't take the job
Damn 违ep ! 鈥€鈥€鈥€


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