Thursday, January 19, 2012

What language should I take to become a Spanish Translator?

I'm a current college student interested in pursuing the career of a spanish translator. The university offers a plethora of different languages including, french, german, japanese, or spanish. I really want to become a spanish translator, but I have no idea which language to take.

I've narrowed my choices down to German and Japanese. Which of the two will lead me in the path of becoming a very successful spanish translator?What language should I take to become a Spanish Translator?
Wow... are you really that dense, or are you seriously asking this question?

If your first language is English, and you want to translate spanish, then you SHOULD be taking Spanish language classes. You should become fluent in the Spanish language, in order to translate it.

Now if you're asking this question because you want to translate the spanish language into another language other than english, then honestly, you are not going to be getting any help in college. Why? Because foreign languages are taught against english.. not spanish. If you took German, they would teach you vocabulary in relation to English (not Spanish).

So... to answer your question, TAKE SPANISH. It's very simple. Unless you have some weird thing that you are asking that was not very clear in your question.

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