Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is a reliable spanish translator?

I have to create a fairy tale story for spanish class. Its supposed to use a lot of imperfect tense but my teacher is really bad and cant explain it well (mostly cus she can barely speak english). Is there a website that i could type the whole english version and it will reliably translate it for me?What is a reliable spanish translator?
I really doubt that there is a website that would do that for you.

That said, there are many websites that can help you with conjugation and grammar stuff like that. As a Spanish student myself, I often use It can conjugate verbs, and serves as an English to Spanish dictionary, and a Spanish to English dictionary.

Buena suerte!What is a reliable spanish translator?
No, these are computers who cannot think, ONLY retrieve information.

And remember, in order to get reliable translation from anyone, the english version must be clear to understand.

You CANNOT cheat when taking a quiz or test, so unless you are planning on failing the class, you better start doing your own homework.What is a reliable spanish translator?
A human being.

Did you really think that it would be okay to use an automatic translator to do your homework?


Ask your teacher if that's okay. Cause I'd be willing to bet he/she will tell you that's cheating and will net you a zero on the project.

(There's a reason why the assignment was given to you, and it is NOT so that the teacher will have tons of papers to correct....think about it a bit, there).

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