Thursday, January 19, 2012

I need a really good english to spanish translator?

I need to figure out how to write in spanish but i don't know how to i need help!I need a really good english to spanish translator?
I don't really know what your asking, but if you mean, "Online English-Spanish; Spanish-English Translators," there are not any good ones. Most online translators are faulty, with slim to none correctness in any of the words translated, but I can give you some sites anyway...
If you need to communicate with someone in Spanish and the risk of totally garbling your message is acceptable, then you can use any free online translator. Keep in mind, though, that the best of them is about as close to a moderately competent professional as the best sidewalk is to a house as a place to live in. Anyway, you can improve your chances of getting a halfway decent translation by writing your input in proper English.I need a really good english to spanish translator?
This is a difficult subject, because online translators are absolutely awful and untrustworthy. What happens is that they read each individual word and translate accordingly, as opposed to translating the complete sentence.

When they do this, they make something completely in a type of gibberish Spanish. You should really just stick to online tutoring or if you're in a Spanish class, you should ask someone to help you out.

If you're looking for one-word translations, is pretty reliable. But like I said, all online translators are crap for the most part. You're best bet is to buy a dictionary. :)I need a really good english to spanish translator? is a good online dictionary and they have a message bard where you can ask about frases and such. is good if you want the gist of something (such as a paragraph) it isn't always 100% accurate but it isn't horrible. If you need a page or several pages translated accurately, you can pay to have someone translate them for you.

good luck=)
Well, usualy, translators are not goos at translation sentences, cause they undertand word by word, not the whole sentence, but if you want some help, i speak spanish and i can help you. You can give me your e-mail and i'll help you to transate鈥?/a>


You can use google. Type in your english sentence then translate to spanish.
good translator? oh, i guess your screwed then. is the most acurate

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