Thursday, January 26, 2012

How much do translators get paid in San Fransisco Ca.? I am looking into becoming a Spanish translator.?

Translation fees can vary from one part of the country to another, depending on need. Spanish is so widely spoken now yet because of this, the amount of English-Spanish translators is also high. However, the level of fluency of a translator is what will make them or break them. If you are 100% fluent in both languages, including idiomatic/colloquial expressions, and, if you have perfect grammar and spelling skills in both, you can make up to 25 cents/word. If you hang your own shingle, it will take time and a lot of work to get yourself known but once you do one really good job, your reputation will precede you and you'll build up your own clientele. I would suggest that you contact your local translation service companies and offer your services on a trial basis. It gives you good practice and experience and although the pay won't be much (expect 5-10 cents/word), it gives you a start on your translator resum茅. Also, working with an established company will gain you "certification" which will be another point in your favor.

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