Thursday, January 26, 2012

How do you become a Spanish translator?

thats what i want to do for my career?How do you become a Spanish translator?
Study Spanish for at least 10 years, move to Spain, live among the people, total immersion,marry a fine Senorita?!
You have to become totally fluent in the language, and especially in idomatic forms. You must be able to switch back and forth quickly and easily. If you're going to translate in a particular field, you must learn the technical terms and phrases for that field.

Becoming totally fluent generally requires time in a country where the language is spoken, for the immersion aspect. Immersion encourages the development of thinking in the language, as opposed to being able to quickly translate from your native language.How do you become a Spanish translator?
Yeah, I would make sure you have studied spanish for a long time (at uni etc) and have lived there for a long time as well, to pick up the local idioms and colloquial language etc.

If after than you think you are good enough, I would go inquire about jobs.How do you become a Spanish translator?
at collage you will find a career that theach Spanish i sopouse because I'm spanish and I study English at collage
You'll have to know everything about the country and speak it fluently!
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