Thursday, January 19, 2012

Does anyone know of a good spanish translator?

i'm trying to test out of a language class...and its not really working...i need a translator so i can just do the stuf fin my heads but i've been googling and no luck

halp!Does anyone know of a good spanish translator?
None of them are very Good. Although I don't like them Google Translate is a little bit better

Hope this helps
Google translate is, in my opinion, better than any other internet translater. However, I only use It's a language dictionary and you have to type in single words, but it really gets the job done. It also has a verb conjugator (you can type in the verb and it conjugates it into any tense) and if you type in a word to translate, you also get common phrases with that word translated. It serves as a thesaurus as well. You should really check it out!

Oh and like the person above me said, online translators are useless if you are trying to translate paragraphs or even sentences because the verb tenses can get messed up and the adjectives can be out of place and stuff. That's why I never use translaters and I use to translate only the words I really need.Does anyone know of a good spanish translator?
If you have Firefox or Internet Explorer, download an addon called ImTranslator. It's excellent and about the best there is (see the link below). Down the left side of the page, you'll see the ImTranslator plugin links. It's quick and easy and effective.

On an aside, NEVER trust a translator completely. Online translators and programs translate word for word and often miss context, so your translation could end up hopelessly wrong, even if the word for word translation is accurate.Does anyone know of a good spanish translator?
hhhhhmmm I know spanish...maybe you can just use yahoo answer....wait for a couple of responses before taking the word of people since some people find it funny to screw with translations -_-...Hey just post it and well it will probably be answered....oh the things about translators is that they do not get the grammar correct so unfortunately a person is WAY better. Hey you can e-mail me to translate things...well hope this helps
Have you tried getting a good dictionary?

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